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#amenoor is a group travel club project, which is a trademark of Spinnaker Group.

We have created more than just a travel club, adding a little philosophy to the meaning of the word “tourist”.

#amenoor is a club of intellectual people who love to travel and discover new horizons. People who consider a tourism not only as a way of having a rest, but also a way of self-understanding and self-improvement.

With us, the word "intellectual tourism" gets two meanings, the ability to feel the deepest sense of the country and plan your vacation through our specialists.

#amenoor offers non-standard, adventure, cognitive, active trips to Nepal, Norway, Vietnam, China, Japan, Tanzania, Peru, Iceland, Venezuela, Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia, Philippines, Madagascar, Germany, Denmark. Every year, we are planning to organize 10-12 trips with 10 -15 people in the group.