Join our club, go everywhere with #amenoor

#amenoor is a group travel club project, which is a trademark of Spinnaker Group LLC.

We have created more than just a travel club, adding a little philosophy to the meaning of the word “tourist”.

#amenoor is a club of intellectual people who love to travel and discover new horizons. People who consider traveling not only as a way of having a rest, but also a way of self-understanding and self-improvement.

With us, the word "intellectual tourism" gets two meanings, the ability to feel the deepest sense of the country; and plan your vacation through our specialists.

#amenoor offers non-standard, adventure, discovery, active trips to Nepal, Norway, Vietnam, China, Japan, Tanzania, Peru, Iceland, Venezuela, Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia, Philippines, Madagascar, Germany, Denmark, etc. Every year we are planning to organize 10-12 trips with 10 -15 people in the group.

#amenoor's experienced team is studying the area in advance, selecting the most remarkable, historic sites for its tourists. The compulsory component of each visit is interacting with locals, acquaintance with extraordinary and beautiful traditions, free days for relaxation.

By joining #amenoor, after 2 or more trips, you will have a growing discount and a surprise gift. Come together with friends who share your passion for travel and contribute to the development of group travel culture in Armenia.

amenoor team

Hi, I am Norayr Gevorgyan, one of the founders of Spinnaker Group.

Among my many hobbies and favorite pastimes, perhaps my favorite is traveling. I find that the best way to discover new countries and learn about new cultures is to travel around the world. Those moments become unforgettable memories when shared with friends.

#Amenoor was created to bring together like-minded people like me and fill the gap that exists in the market for competently designed and well-organized group travel. #Amenoor's adventure and themed programs are a great opportunity for true travelers. In the near future, we, the sworn travelers, will be here, there, and #amenoor.


Hi, I'm Michael Karapetyan, Spinnaker Group's general director and co-founder.

Due to our team in 2019 we succeeded in bringing about #amenoor adventure and thematic group travel project that have been planned long ago. Group trips are not so popular in Armenia, but we are sure that there are also many travelers of this kind who are ready to reveal the world's most hidden and mysterious places.

They say, "If you think you know everything, then go traveling." Let's make life legendary with unforgettable impressions and memories. Join our team of adventurers, let's go here, there and of course #amenoor.


Hi, I'm Raya.

Travel can impact our lives in wonderful ways. Some do it to lose themselves or find themselves. Some for inspiration or aspiration. Why do I travel? Because it’s one of the most exciting things that spices up my life.

If you are reading these lines, it means you are fond of traveling to discover unknown corners of this huge world, and that's great. So live your life by a compass, not a clock.

Come join us, let's wander together here, there and #amenoor!