13-24 October, 2024



Bali to Singapore: 12 Days of Enchantment

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey with our Bali & Singapore Enchantment Package, where every day unfolds like a dream, and every moment is a masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Bali, where lush landscapes, ancient temples, and vibrant cultural experiences await. From the heart of UBUD to the pristine shores of Nusa DUA, our meticulously crafted itinerary promises an unparalleled blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

This 12-day enchantment concludes with fond farewells, leaving you with a treasure trove of memories and the promise of returning to these captivating destinations. Join us on this extraordinary adventure, where every detail is meticulously curated for an unforgettable experience. Book your Bali & Singapore Enchantment Package now and let the magic begin!

Norayr Gevorgyan
Group Leader





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Package price includes:

  • Round trip air ticket from Yerevan
  • Private round trip airport shuttle
  • 11 nights in double/twin rooms of 5* hotels
  • Denpasar - Singapore flight ticket
  • 4 dinners in local restaurants
  • Company-hosted farewell dinner
  • Armenian speaking guide service
  • Cruise on a private luxury catamaran
  • Russian speaking guide service
  • Visa fee
  • Insurance
  • Entrance tickets

Embark on a journey from Yerevan to the enchanting island of Bali. As you land at DPS airport, a seamless transfer takes you to the luxurious Komenaka Bisma Hotel in the heart of UBUD. Surrounded by lush tropical landscapes and traditional Balinese architecture, this sanctuary sets the stage for a blissful retreat, promising tranquility and a taste of Bali's rich cultural tapestry.

Let UBUD captivate your senses on this free day. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local markets, where artisans display their masterpieces, and the aroma of exotic spices fills the air. Traverse the sacred Monkey Forest, an ancient woodland sanctuary adorned with moss-covered temples and playful monkeys. Alternatively, indulge in relaxation at a spa, where skilled therapists use age-old Balinese techniques amid the tranquil ambiance, ensuring your day unfolds at your own rhythm.

Embark on an exhilarating rafting experience on Telaga Waja river, navigating through the pristine waters surrounded by lush tropical landscapes. Following the adventure, relish a delectable lunch infused with local flavors. In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry with a GOA GADJAH Tour, exploring ancient Balinese temple that echos with tales of spirituality and history, providing a deep connection to the island's heritage.

Discover the majestic Sekumpul Waterfall, hidden within Bali's jungle, where the cascading waters create a symphony of nature's beauty. Relish lunch at a picturesque local restaurant, surrounded by serene landscapes. Wander through the sacred ULUN DANU, a lakeside temple that seems to float on the reflective surface of Lake Bratan.

Experience the thrill of the Celuk Swing, suspended amidst lush greenery, providing panoramic views of Bali's natural beauty. Savor the flavors of Luwak Coffee, produced through a unique and traditional method, as you learn about the intricate process. Get lost in the enchanting Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that showcases Bali's iconic stepped landscapes, offering breathtaking vistas. As the day unfolds, transition to the lavish Westin Nusa DUA, a beachfront retreat offering a blend of modern comfort and Balinese elegance, setting the stage for a night of indulgence.

Revel in the opulence of Westin Nusa DUA on this leisure day. Lounge on pristine beaches, where soft golden sands meet the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Pamper yourself at the spa, where expert therapists use ancient Balinese techniques to rejuvenate mind and body, ensuring a day of pure relaxation. Alternatively, explore the local surroundings, discovering hidden gems and cultural delights.

Allow yourself the freedom to shape your day in Nusa DUA. Whether it's more beach bliss, cultural exploration, or pure relaxation, let Bali be your playground, where every moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories in this tropical paradise.

Embark on a luxurious cruise to Nusa Penida aboard the Private Aneecha Catamaran. Dive into a day of snorkeling, exploring vibrant coral reefs and marine life. Savor a sumptuous lunch on board, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Nusa Penida. Conclude the adventure with a thrilling 4x4 Island Tour to Dinosaurs Peninsula, where prehistoric wonders await around every corner, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of this hidden gem.

Your last day in Bali unfolds with moments of awe. Enjoy free time, immersing yourself in the beauty of beaches, a pristine stretch of coastline offering tranquility and breathtaking views. Explore the mystical Uluwatu Temple, perched on a clifftop with commanding views of the Indian Ocean. As the sun sets, witness the captivating Kecak Dance against a breathtaking backdrop, the rhythmic chants and mesmerizing fire dance creating a truly unforgettable experience. Conclude the day with a heartfelt farewell dinner, celebrating the enchanting journey through Bali.

Bid farewell to the tropical paradise of Bali and soar to the vibrant city-state of Singapore. Upon arrival, relish a smooth check-in at your hotel, setting the stage for a serene evening of rest.

Embark on a thrilling city tour of Singapore, where modernity meets tradition. Explore iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, a marvel of contemporary architecture with its breathtaking rooftop infinity pool; Gardens by the Bay, a futuristic garden featuring the iconic Supertree Grove; and Sentosa Island, a tropical playground offering a myriad of attractions, from Universal Studios to pristine beaches. As the sun sets, indulge in the freedom of free time, savoring the city's nightlife or unwinding in leisure.

As your journey draws to a close, depart from Singapore with cherished memories and a heart full of experiences. Until we meet again, Singapore bids you a fond farewell, leaving you with the allure of its dynamic culture and modern marvels.



❯ Raft through the exhilarating Telaga WAJA
❯ Discover the hidden Sekumpul Waterfall and the sacred ULUN DANU
❯ Indulge in the Celuk Swing and savor the rich flavors of Luwak Coffee
❯ Luxuriate in the opulence of Westin Nusa DUA
❯ Cruise to Nusa Penida aboard a Private Aneecha Catamaran, including snorkeling and a thrilling 4x4 Island Tour
❯ As the sun sets on Bali, the journey continues to the vibrant city-state of Singapore, where modern marvels seamlessly blend with rich cultural heritage


❯ Explore iconic landmarks, including Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay
❯ Experience the thrills of Sentosa Island, from Universal Studios to pristine beaches

Do not miss out this unique opportunity to see all this with your own eyes.
Bali and Singapore are waiting for you!